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Preservatives in dog foods

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Preservatives in dog foods

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:24 pm

I have always been careful about what i feed my poodles. Too many preservatives can play havic with so many dog breeds.
I only use preservative free dog biscuits and i make my own wet food.
My dogs love it, and they are so healthy and their hair so shiny also.
My dogs have never had skin rashes, itching because of preservatives in their food.

My mother has a Staffy and until recently she spent a fortune at the vets for over four years becuase of the dog suffering with itching and over heating.
My mums staffie was put on steroids for four years by the vet which has now done damage to her internal organs.
I made my mum take the dog of the steroids, i put her on a preservative free diet, natural Greek yoghart three times a week, with in one week the dog had stopped itching and she was not over heating any more.

I see so many of my clients with similar problems with their dogs. Dogs that are also having a lot of red meat in their diet which makes the dog very hot then causing over heating and itching also.
They have also been given by their vet steroids or been told they need to take their dog to a specialist; which will then cost them a lot of money to be told only stop giving your dog red meat and preservatives.
My girlfriend spent $3,500 having testing done on her beagle then to be told after she laid out all that money, it was the red meat and preservatives.

My dogs only have fish or chicken dishes which i make then freeze into containers. The food actually works out cheaper than the can stuff and mine is healthy and very tasty for them. I am always getting asked by my customers for the receipes.

I belong to a Professional dog grooming and breeders club in the USA and one of the topics quite often talked about is staining around the eyes on white or light coloured dogs.
I have a whole segment on my websites how you can either eliminate or reduce the staining around the eyes.
I have a pure white standard poodle puppy Gucci and he has zero staining because i follow this practice.
My white toy does have staining even though i follow this practice but toy poodles have small tear ducts and this is usually the reason for the staining.
Many of my clients have tried the rountine which is as simply as changing a few things in your dogs diet and what you put their water in. They have had complete success.


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Re: Preservatives in dog foods

Post by mutleymanor on Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:23 am

would you mind posting your website so we can share? One of my white standard poodles gets staining and one doesn't - same diet.

OOps saw that your website is on the pic.

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Re: Preservatives in dog foods

Post by Tail's a Waggin' on Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:40 am

Hi Meryl.
I think Porcha @ Indulgent Poochy has left the building.......Wink
Tail's a Waggin'

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Re: Preservatives in dog foods

Post by Chris on Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:07 pm

Tail's a Waggin' wrote:Hi Meryl.
I think Porcha @ Indulgent Poochy has left the building.......Wink

Correct, and not missed IMO. The website is here but most of it is broken or disable since she left.

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Re: Preservatives in dog foods

Post by Chase on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:22 pm

hey Meryl
I usually cook for chase because of his allergies and muscle condition but when i don't have the time i feed him a product called Tucker time (the meat roll i have never tried their dry food). when i feed it to him his allergies are not as bad. If i feed him dry food it tends to play up. hope that helps

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Re: Preservatives in dog foods

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