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Stella needs a home

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Stella needs a home

Post by Emmalovesbeth on Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:40 pm

It sadens me to type this but its the last straw..

Stella our 15 month old red staffy needs a new home. My step father has been going all over for work and the dog is going crazy! she does not get out of the yard and is chewing, digging and barking due to boredom..

Stella is empecibly well behaved. I started training early and as a result she
comes when called, sits, stays. can be off leash on walks and stays by your side.. However on loesh she would NEVER pull!
She is vaccinated and registered but no desexed as we did want a litte with her..

She is a big teddy bear and just wants love attention and cuddles. And simply i cannot do it all and the rest of the family is to busy.

She is great with kids of all ages but due to her exitment i advise no kids under the age of 7 as she may push them over during play. She isnt agressive around food and good with all dogs..

PLEASE if you know anybody looking for a staffy with the perfect temprement tell them to contact

I am located in brisbane but we are whilling to frieght at buyers expence.. She is free to good honest home who would be whilling to keep us updated..

thanks guys..

-Also out basset hound Zena may be rehomed with her if the family is what she needs! As i said just contact me.

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