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Standard Poodles for Sale (red & apricot boys)

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Standard Poodles for Sale (red & apricot boys)

Post by Char Aznable on Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:00 pm

Hi everyone Smile

A lady from my work has a litter of standard poos on the ground at the moment, and she's afraid of them going to puppy farmers so doesn't want to advertise them (like in the trading post or whatever). They are currently 5 weeks old and won't be rehomed until 12 weeks.

There are 8 boys, at the moment she thinks she has 3 red, 3 dark apricots and 2 lighter apricots (but said she won't be 100% on colours until they get a bit older?).

If you know anyone that may be interested please reply so I can PM you her email. She's based in Melbourne but will be happy to orgarnise 'shipping' for the right person. She can't keep them as she already has 5 doggies of her own!

I'm sorely tempted to get one of them. Rare colouurrrssss eeeeek. Hello light apricot boy. I love you
Char Aznable

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Re: Standard Poodles for Sale (red & apricot boys)

Post by Fluffy on Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:57 pm

Hi Char - if she desexed them before selling them the oodle farming would not be an issue. Just a suggestion.


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